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The actor Mike Shannon in costume as Samuel Pepys in 1987

Mike Shannon as Samuel Pepys. Photo: James Horton

Pepys was the first project undertaken by IRDP and began as a creative project in 1986 when Tim Crook and Richard Shannon joined together to develop audio/radio drama in the independent sector of the UK’s radio industry.

The production was first broadcast by LBC Radio on FM and Medium Wave in October 1987 in 5 minute episodes during a lunch-time live programming sequence presented by Steve Jones.

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This is a publicly accessible record of the recordings, broadcasts and documents currently being archived in the Department of Media & Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London of the output of Independent Radio Drama Productions, known as IRDP, which was an arts organisation, operating on a not for profit basis between 1987 and 2004, which was dedicated to developing and innovating radio/audio drama and its relationship with stage theatre. Read More