Archiving the radio plays and other drama activities of Independent Radio Drama Productions

This is a publicly accessible record of the recordings, broadcasts and documents currently being archived in the Department of Media & Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London of the output of Independent Radio Drama Productions, known as IRDP, which was an arts organisation, operating on a not for profit basis between 1987 and 2004, which was dedicated to developing and innovating radio/audio drama and its relationship with stage theatre.

At this stage we can only indicate that it may be possible to provide on-line audio extracts of up to 3 minutes in duration of surviving archive and productions, since the company’s contracts agreed this condition with actors, writers and other artists.

Access to the archive holdings will be dependent on the posting of catalogued items and the practicalities of research conditions made available by the Department of Media & Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London.

It is likely that a charge may have to be made for providing research facilities to access the materials. No copies of the full length productions, sound archive, and scripts can be made for outside third parties as a result of existing copyright and intellectual property law restrictions.

Further enquiries can be made to Head of Radio, Tim Crook at:

Independent Radio Drama Productions was formed by the author/writer/directors Tim Crook and Richard Shannon in 1987. They were later joined by web-designer, photographer and adaptation writer Marja Giejgo.

Process of digitization:

Analogue materials and artefacts exist in the form of reel to reel tape at quarter inch, documents, press/media cuttings, cassettes, and cartridges. Digital materials exist in the form of DAT tapes, mini-discs, floppy diskettes at 5 and a quarter inch and 3 inch formats, CDs and DVDs, Sony Betamax video-masters with digital imprint through decoder.

Transfer of audio holdings to audio WAV file at 44.1 kHz and 16 bit standard, storage on terrabyte external hard-disc drive, and CD. Transfer of documents to pdf files for storage on terrabyte external hard-disc drive.

Origin of the archive:

IRDP was a separately constituted not for profit arts company from LBC and retained its copyright and original sound masters from LBC. As a result many of the masters and output reels transmitted by LBC in London were not disposed of or thrown out in the rationalisation of the LBC/IRN sound archive between 1993 and 2011- before its transfer for the JISC funded Bournemouth University archive project.

The source material has been held by Tim Crook, Richard Shannon and Marja Giejgo. However, some materials have been lost as a result of damp and flood damage and the necessary rationalisation of space. Many reel to reel masters were transferred to mini-disc with the resulting reduction in quality imposed by the mini-disc software codec.

Current location of storage and transfer process is in the New Academic Building of Goldsmiths, University of London.


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