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Mike Shannon in the role of Jack Bellingham. Photograph by Marja Giejgo

The story of John ‘Jack’ Bellingham who murdered the British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in the Palace of Westminster in 1812 was one of the first ‘Tales From The Courts of Law’ stories and was inspired by Tim Crook’s crime reporter/legal affairs knowledge about the origin of the ‘insanity’ defence in criminal law. It featured a superb performance by Mike Shannon (Richard Shannon’s father) in the role of Bellingham. Mike drew out all of the sad and tragic dimensions of a character who had been provoked and made mentally unwell by the oblique, indifferent and unfair actions of the powerful and uninterested.  Read More


Mike McCormack in costume as Cesare Borgia. Photograph by Marja Giejgo

The Borgias dramatisation involved original research and writing by Richard Shannon and was initially produced for the ‘Tales From The Courts of Law’ strand on the Steve Jones lunch-time show of the London speech independent radio station LBC. ‘Tales From The Courts of Law’ was conceived in something of a panic by the station. They had not expected radio drama in the form of the dramatization of Samuel Pepys’s diary to be successful. Read More

David Peart in costume as Lieutenant William Bligh. Picture taken by James Horton at the Cutty Sark, Greenwich 1988.

Mutiny on the Bounty was one of the first follow-up productions by IRDP for LBC after Pepys and was written and produced in the spring of 1988. It was the first of IRDP’s productions bought by NPR (National Public Radio) USA for distribution by satellite to their affiliate stations on the NPR Playhouse genre and as result was heard throughout the union from New York City, Seattle, and Dallas to San Francisco. Read More